Our traditional Chai uses only the finest ingredients: Indian black tea, cinnamon, clove, and cardamom. Exotic and aromatic in taste yet a satisfying and healthy brew that captures the vibrancy of India in a cup.

English Breakfast

Brisk and invigorating, our English Breakfast Tea is a blend of black teas from Sri Lanka Ceylon, Taiwanese and Chinese Keemun Black Tea to give a balanced cup of body, strength and depth; a tribute to England’s tradition of tea drinking.

Lemon Chamomile (Caffeine Free)

The delicate taste of lemon in this tea comes from natural lemon grass, which offers the hints of lemon and orange without being puckeringly bitter and sour. We combine lemon grass from Thailand with chamomile to blend a honey colored infusion. The result is a calming brew that is floral and citrusy.

Moroccan Mint

Fresh, reviving green mint tea that uses the finest Gunpowder Green Tea from China, flavored with richly aromatic peppermint. A classic pick-me-up from the bazaars of the old world, this intensely flavorful tea is traditionally served with sugar in small glasses.

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