Southern Blend

A hint of rose adds a decidedly floral touch to this delicate belle of the ball. Sweet and crisp, this 100% Ceylon black tea is hand plucked and specially blended for iced tea perfection; giving out sweet bourbon taste. Have this either hot or cold for a relaxing cup of tea.

Swedish Berries (Iced)

This brew blends hibiscus, raisins and an assortment of berries to create a warm, soul-soothing infusion full of natural fruit flavors and sweet, fragrant aromas. Why not have it iced for a refreshing and crisp take on this delicious drink.

Tropical Passion

We start with Chinese black tea for body and add notes of passion fruit, guava, and malva and marigold flowers to offer a sort of delicate floral and fruity melange to be enjoyed as a traditional brew. For a more refreshing version, you can have it iced as well.

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